Large Timber Playhouse with Sandbox


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About the Product

Unleash the spirit of play with our Large Timber Playhouse – a versatile haven designed for collective joy and exploration. Spacious enough for a group of children to revel in shared experiences, yet compact in design, this playhouse seamlessly combines functionality with fun.

This adaptable play structure serves dual purposes, functioning as both a conventional playhouse and a sandbox. This versatile item can be quickly and effortlessly transformed into a capacious, roofed sandbox, offering an expansive play area for little ones to delve into the wonders of sand play.

Crafted from quality timber, our Large Timber Playhouse effortlessly integrates into any natural play environment. Its sturdy construction not only ensures durability but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space, creating a harmonious blend of nature and play.

Beyond the joy of sand play, which is known to foster sensory experiences and fine motor skills, our Large Timber Playhouse serves as a catalyst for imaginative and role play. Children can immerse themselves in creative scenarios, cultivating storytelling skills and social interactions in the process.

Invest in more than just a playhouse – incorporate a dynamic space for growth, exploration, and collaborative play with our Large Timber Playhouse in your playground. It’s a testament to the perfect fusion of functionality, versatility, and the sheer joy of childhood adventures.

Technical Information:

  • Actual dimensions L: 2.16m, W: 1.80m, H: 1.78m.
  • Overall Size (open) = L: 3.94m, W: 1.80m, H: 1.78m


  • Quality treated timber frame, wall panels, shelves and roof
  • Treated timber sliding lid floor with grab handles

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