Reflection Area


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About the Product

“Introducing our Playground Reflection Area – a thoughtfully designed space where children can retreat from physical activities, fostering contemplation and socialization within the school playground. Transforming empty and unused corners into meaningful spaces, this reflection area becomes a tranquil haven for students.

Nestled within the confines of timber bench seating and planters, our reflection area offers a harmonious blend of nature and comfort. A captivating water feature serves as a focal point, creating a serene atmosphere for introspection. Enhancing the reflective experience are wall-mounted acrylic mirrors, encouraging self-awareness and social engagement.

Enclosed by timber picket fencing and an inviting entrance archway, this dedicated space provides a sense of separation from the bustling main playground, offering children a retreat for quiet contemplation and social interaction. The arrangement of elements in our Playground Reflection Area not only promotes mental well-being but also adds aesthetic charm to the overall playground landscape.

Create a space that goes beyond play, nurturing the holistic development of students with our Playground Reflection Area. Transform unused corners into meaningful environments that inspire reflection, socialization, and a sense of tranquillity within the vibrant energy of the school playground.”


  • Timber picket fencing
  • Timber archway
  • Seating and planters
  • Central spherical water feature
  • Wall mounted acrylic mirrors

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