Roof Covered Sand Box


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About the Product

Enhance your outdoor play space with our Roof Covered Sand Box – a meticulously designed haven that seamlessly combines functionality with protection for a truly enriched and all-weather play experience. The sleeper retention frame forms a sturdy base, accommodating a deep layer of sand, while the front step access ensures accessibility for children of all ages.

The treated timber frame roof, adorned with resilient felt shingle, acts as a waterproof shield against the elements. This protective cover not only safeguards the sand from unexpected showers but also allows children to revel in the developmental benefits of sand play, regardless of the weather. For an extra layer of engagement, an optional platform with bucket and pulleys introduces an exciting dynamic to play sessions.

To ensure a clean and secure play environment, vinyl frames are incorporated, deterring unwanted animal visitors. Additionally, for further protection from the unpredictable British weather, optional vinyl side covers with windows create an enclosed space, fostering uninterrupted play.

Welcome a dynamic and weather-resistant play area into your space with our Roof Covered Sand Box. It’s more than just a play zone – it’s a developmental haven where children can explore, create, and reap the cognitive and sensory benefits of sand play, all while being shielded from the elements.

Technical Information:

  • Overall Dimensions: L: 3.72m, W: 3.10m, H: 2.98m
  • Sandpit Dimensions: L: 3.10m, W: 3.1m, H: 0.39m


  • Playgrade Sleeper Frame
  • Treated timber upright posts and roof frame.
  • Felt shingle roof.
  • Play platform with bucket and pulley system as optional extra.

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