Water Play Area


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About the Product

Welcome to our captivating Water Play Areas, where the fluidity of play meets the natural beauty of the outdoors. The boundaries of this aquatic realm are artistically defined by landscape logs or treated timber retention, creating a clear and inviting space for exploration. As children enter, they are greeted by a concrete surface with an inlaid rocky riverbed, providing the perfect canvas for water play adventures. Optionally, the surface can be enhanced with loose fill Scottish cobbles, adding a textural and visually appealing element to the watery landscape.

At the heart of this watery wonderland is a cast iron hand pump mounted on a platform, cleverly concealing a water reservoir. This ingenious design allows children to draw water to the top of the rocky riverbed, initiating a delightful meandering flow downstream. Imagine the joy on their faces as they pump water, watching it cascade down the rocky surface, creating a dynamic and interactive water play experience. Moreover, the water area can incorporate one of our styles of water wall, a water table, or modular water play trays, adding a splash of creativity and variety to the aquatic adventures.

For those with a taste for imaginative play, the possibility of adding a bridge or stepping stones on the riverbed opens the door to endless adventures. Children can traverse the watercourse, hop from stone to stone, or build bridges in their imaginative landscapes, enhancing both physical and cognitive skills.

These bespoke Water Play Areas can be configured and designed to suit any playground space, offering flexibility and customization. The incorporation of natural elements, such as landscape logs, a rocky riverbed, and loose fill Scottish cobbles, brings a natural and organic feel to the play area, seamlessly integrating with the surrounding environment.

More than just a water feature, these areas serve as dynamic spaces for children to explore, experiment, and collaborate. Water play not only provides a refreshing and sensory experience but also becomes a platform for building teamwork, social interaction, and nurturing imagination. The Water Play Areas are not just destinations for aquatic fun; they are gateways to a world where the joy of water is combined with the boundless possibilities of creative play.


  • Re-circulating Water Wall System
  • Moving and Static Channels
  • Two Hand Pumps
  • Quality Treated Timber Construction
  • UV Stable Plastic Tubing
  • Rocky River Bed
  • Interactive Water Wall
  • Timber Bridge

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