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About the Product

Presenting a compact treated timber frame perfectly suited for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) settings where space is at a premium. This structure features four access points of varying difficulty, catering to the developmental needs of young children. In addition, it incorporates a ‘Den,’ fostering social interaction and imaginative play, providing a holistic play experience that aids in the overall development of young minds.

The design of this compact frame prioritizes both physical and imaginative play, ensuring a well-rounded playtime for young children. The progressively challenging access points contribute to the physical development of motor skills, balance, and coordination. Simultaneously, the ‘Den’ sparks imaginative scenarios, encouraging social play and creative expression. This thoughtfully crafted structure serves as an invaluable asset in the development of young children, offering a space where play is not only engaging but also contributes to their overall growth and well-being.


Technical Information:

  • L: 3.25m, W: 1.70m, H: 2.45m
  • Minimum space requirement = 6.70m x 4.80m
  • Free height of fall = 0.90m
  • Safety surface area = 28m2 minimum


  • Decks at 0.6m and 0.9m
  • Treated timber roof
  • 4 step access stairs with anti-slip treads
  • Rock ramp with pull up rope
  • Rope net climb
  • Timber ladder panel
  • Den under 0.9m deck
  • Den bench seat
  • Grab handles

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