Water Play Panel


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About the Product

Introducing our Water Play Panel, a dynamic addition crafted from durable timber, plastic sluices, and a recirculating pump system. Engineered to endure the rigors of play, these panels offer a captivating platform for exploration and education.

Constructed with a keen focus on durability, our Water Play Panels are designed to withstand the playful interactions of children. The inclusion of plastic sluices and pump system ensures a continuous and engaging water flow, inviting youngsters to immerse themselves in a world of liquid exploration.

More than just a play feature, our Water Play Panels serve as educational tools, providing children with a hands-on experience to understand the physical characteristics of water and other liquids. The interactive nature of these panels promotes a dynamic learning environment where children can experiment, observe, and draw conclusions about the properties of liquids through play.

In the realm of Early Years education, where child-led learning is paramount, the significance of equipment that facilitates learning through play cannot be overstated. Our Water Play Panels align seamlessly with this educational approach, offering a versatile and engaging resource for teachers. By integrating play into the learning process, these panels support educators in creating an environment that nurtures curiosity and encourages exploration.

Embrace the fusion of play and learning with our Water Play Panels, where the physical qualities of water become a captivating lesson, and education seamlessly intertwines with the joy of discovery.


Technical Information:

  • L: 1.2m, W: 0.28m, H: 1.50m
  • Height can be adjusted to suit user


  • Plastic Reservoir with Timber Cover
  • Treated Timber Frame
  • Recirculating Water System with Hand Pump and UV Stable Tubing
  • 3x Fixed Pivoting Guttering Chutes

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