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About the Product

Introducing our exceptional Water Wall, a captivating feature designed to engage and inspire young minds in the world of water dynamics. Crafted from high-quality treated timber and UV-stable plastic tubing, our Water Wall is both durable and visually stimulating.

The heart of the Water Wall lies in its water reservoir, equipped with hand pumps that foster teamwork as children operate them. The dynamic design incorporates both moving and static channels, providing an interactive experience that encourages collaboration and problem-solving skills. Two hand pumps facilitate joint efforts, promoting teamwork as children manipulate the water flow through the system.

As water is pumped from the reservoir to the top, it cascades down through various channels, creating a mesmerizing visual display of cause and effect. This not only captures the attention of children but also serves as an educational tool, illustrating fundamental concepts of physics in an engaging and hands-on manner.

To enhance the versatility of the Water Wall, various accessories are available to help direct or divert the flow of water. This customization allows for endless possibilities, encouraging children to experiment with different configurations and observe the outcomes. Through this exploration, youngsters develop problem-solving skills and gain a deeper understanding of cause and effect relationships.

Designed with flexibility in mind, our Water Wall is available in various sizes to suit different spaces and preferences. Whether installed in a small play area or as a focal point in a larger playground, the Water Wall adapts seamlessly, offering an enriching experience for children of all ages.

Immerse children in the world of cause and effect, problem-solving, and collaborative play with our Water Wall. Watch as curiosity flows freely, and education becomes a dynamic journey through the mesmerizing channels of water exploration.

Technical Information:

  • Standard Water Wall: L:1.50m, W: 0.28m, H: 1.50m
  • Large Water Wall: L: 2.40m, W: 0.28m, H: 1.50m
  • Custom Configurations Available


  • Quality Treated Timber Construction
  • Re-circulating Water Wall System
  • Two Hand Pumps
  • UV Stable Plastic Tubing
  • Moving and Static Sluices

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