Tree House


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About the Product

Elevate the allure of your playground by featuring a custom-built treehouse around an existing tree. This unique addition comprises thoughtfully designed platforms and a variety of access and egress routes, incorporating options like slides, log and rock ramps, or simple stairs for a dynamic play experience. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, these treehouses serve as an engaging and natural-style enhancement, seamlessly blending with the outdoor environment.

The custom-built treehouse not only transforms the tree into a focal point but also provides an exciting space for children to explore and play. With multiple access options, such as log and rock ramps fostering a connection with nature, or the thrill of a slide for a rapid descent, these units cater to diverse preferences and ages.

Moreover, the addition of a treehouse introduces an imaginative dimension to play, turning the tree into a central hub for creative scenarios and social interactions. This natural-style play element not only promotes physical activity but also encourages cognitive development, spatial awareness, and cooperative play among children. Embrace the charm of nature in your playground with a custom-built treehouse that turns a tree into an inviting and versatile play destination.


Technical Information:

As this item is designed to suit your landscape, there are no set dimensions etc as the units components can be adapted to meet your requirements


  • Decking Platform
  • HDPE or Stainless Steel Slide
  • Rock Ramp
  • Log Ramp
  • Pull Up Ropes
  • Stairs
  • LogĀ  Ladder

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