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About the Product

Introducing the Sunburst, a compact climbing structure brimming with play value! This thoughtfully designed structure encompasses a range of activities, each presenting a distinct level of challenge. Beyond the physical play elements, the incorporation of shop play panels creates avenues for social interaction and imaginative play, fostering a well-rounded and engaging experience for children.

Crafted from quality treated timber, customizable HDPE plastic, and nylon-coated steel core rope, the Sunburst ensures durability and safety in every aspect. Its compact design doesn’t compromise on the diverse play opportunities it offers, making it an ideal addition to any play area. Whether conquering challenges or engaging in imaginative role-playing at the shop play panels, the Sunburst stands as a versatile and enduring source of play enjoyment for children.


Technical Information:

  • L: 2.50m, W: 2.50m, H: 2.90m
  • Minimum Space Requirement = 5.50m x 5.60m
  • Max Deck Height = 1200mm
  • Max Fall Height = 1.8m


  • 900mm Deck
  • 1200mm Deck
  • Firemans Pole
  • Ladder
  • Rock Ramp with Pull Up Rope
  • Treated timber roof
  • Windows
  • Play Shop Panels
  • Log Bridge

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